These "empty chairs" sit at the table which is the life of Sal Latina (phone/fax (717) 226-8616):

Martin Carranza, L/Cpl USMC, Oakland, CA., Born: August 8, 1946. Died: May 25, 1967. Chu Lai, RVN. Panel 20E, Line 101.
          Martin "Marty" Carranza was one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. Small in stature, about 5' 5" if my memory is correct, at least small for a Marine. It was May '67, the place was Chu Lai's 1st Marine Division (sub)base.... a relatively secure area, if there was such a thing in Vietnam.
          He had just gotten back from R&R in Hong Kong and, true to form, had fallen in love with a "cherry bar" girl... something that could only happen to a guy like Marty. We were hitching a ride on a 6x6, Marty was sitting on the tail gate. The driver down shifted to go up a small rise when, all of a sudden, Marty fell off the back of the truck. He landed on his head, went into a coma and died the next day.
          Of all the friends I've lost in VietNam, Marty's death grieves me the most. For of all the senseless ways one could die in a combat area, Marty, one of the nicest guys I've ever known, fell off the back of a damn truck!

Michael Manno, SGT US Army, New York, NY, Born: October 24, 1946. Died: September 20, 1968. Tay Ninh. RVN. Panel 43W, Line 48
          Here's my buddy, Mikey Manno. He drew a late lottery number and was drafted into to the Army in 1968. He was going steady with this girl Terry. They should have gotten married and had a baby, which would have kept Mikey out of Vietnam. Alas, they didn't and he went... he wasn't in country too long when he stepped on a large land mine. He lost the whole lower half of his body but managed to stay alive for a few months but his wounds were too grievous and, eventually, he died. War is such as waste of good men. Rest in peace Bro.

Semper Fi...

Your Pal, SAL

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