This is in Memory of..
Willis D. Rogers, Pfc.
Chicago, Il.
United States Marine Corps
Golf Company, 2nd Battalion
1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division
KIA 3 July 1969
21W 56

*          *          *          *          *

         Rogers, Nuñez and Griffen had gotten in country within days of each other. Rogers arrived 02/20/69, Nuñez arived 02/26/69 and Griffin arrived 02/18/69. As in life they were friends, friends because they got incountry around the same time and friends in death because they died with each other that night. Griffin I medevaced out while he was still alive but he was really hit hard.
          Operation Pipestone Canyon had basically been terminated but, as orders to fly out were given, Battalion decided to leave one company behind to set company ambushes. Golf was chosen for this duty. To this day I can not understand why they left us. We were a undersized Company. At this point we were around 1/2 strength and actually we had no business hanging around Dodge City and the Arizona in the condition we were in.
          I remember that, as the rest of the companies were being flown out, Battalion dropped off some warm beer and ice cream. Now icecream was a welcome treat, but icecream that sat on a hot LZ for hours before being flown out is not so nice. The icecream was flown in to us in insulated wood boxes and, when we opened the boxes, the icecream was all melted and warm. I remember eating it anyway but becoming sick. We got sick, cause we had lived on C Rats for 3 months and our bodies could not handle the ice cream. The warm beer was great, being incountry over 11 months, I had almost developed taste for warm beer, even if it was Carling Black Label.
          By the end of the day we were all alone, three battalions of Marines had left by choppers, the talk among us was uneasy.
          We moved across the island, crossed a stream and moved into cover for the night. I guess the NVA wanted to get their last licks into someone. On the night of July 3rd, they hit us with their motars and a frontal attack. We had survived the first frontal attack and I was workin some Arty in when they hit us from the opposite direction. The guys got hit sometime during the second attack.
          Again I don't remember too much of what happened because of all the blood on Go Noi Island. I do remember a beautiful Spooky gunship comming on station and, true to my reputation for close air support, I ran him close.

Another day in the life and death of a Marine Grunt.

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