These "empty chairs" sit at the table which is the life of OutbackBob, C-Btry, 2/19th Arty. 1st Cav. 69-70, 519th MI Bn. MACV, '72:

Benny J. Smith, Army, PFC, Grunt 11B, 20 years young. Killed by hostile small arms fire Jan. 31, 1968, Tay Ninh province.
          Benny was my best boyhood friend, I joined the Army in 1967, he was drafted in 1968. I was in Germany when I learned of his death. I went to Viet-nam a year later. I always wondered of the where abouts of his death, and found out only this month (Mar, 97) that he was killed in the same province I was sent to. A very eirie feeling I now find myself retracing all my whereabouts in my head, wondering if Benny was there. One of the things he said to his wife while on leave was that he would not return alive. He only lived 22 days. What a waste! He is sorely missed.

Roy W. Duncan, Army, PFC, 11B Grunt, 19 years young. Killed by hostile rocket or mortar fire in Bien Hoa province Feb 28, 1968, just short of 2 months In Country.
          Roy was my friend in High School, we were in band together, I played trumpet he played cornet, I was always in awe of him because he played so well. We used to sit in the back of the bus on the way to football games flirtin with the cheerleaders. He will always be a friend.

Robert "Bob" Yoesting, Army, PFC, Radio Operator, served in Tay-Ninh province in 1969.
          Bob is still alive but suffers from PTSD, he will not seek treatment, he fears the Gov't, and suffers immensely. Bob and I were in the same unit in the 1st Cav, Tay Ninh Base Camp. We got in some trouble on the base camp, he was sent to the top of Nui Ba Dien Mountain (Trail Spike Relay), I was sent out to LZ Jamie ammo section of C Battery, 2/19th Artillery. I never saw Bob after that until almost 20 years later when he tracked me down trying to find out from my family if I had been killed in a fierce ground attack on LZ Jamie later that year. He had been through some hand to hand combat on top the mountain and had killed a young (boy) VC. He can't get the look in the dead boys eyes out of his head, and still suffers. I haven't had any contact with Bob in almost 5 years and wonder about him all the time. His chair is empty.

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