This is in Memory of..
Michael Giovanni Mennone, Pfc.
New Haven, Ct.
United States Marine Corps
Golf Company, 2nd Battalion
1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division
KIA 27 June 1969
21W 24

*          *          *          *          *

          Mike was another Whop, his nick name was "Gio". He was fairly new he came to Golf on March 15, 1969. I can't remember anything special about him cause again he was new and by now I was showing 11 months. Again, it was bad karma to hang with the new guys. Now that I reread that statement again, it probably was cold of us old guys to avoid the new guys.
         Mike was killed by tripping a booby trap. 
         Golf was still sweeping Go Noi Island. Golf lost a lot of good Marines KIA and WIA sweeping that fuckin island. As I has posted earlier the taking of Go Noi island cost Golf Company 70 Marines in KIA and WIA, Golf left for Go Nio with 165 Marines. 
          I think the reason I do not remember too much is because I still have the bloodshed of Go Noi island still blocked out im my mind. In June/July 1969, I will medevac 12 KIA's and God knows how many WIA's. The only saving grace was we were about done with Go Noi.
          What I do remember is the Rome Plows were being brought in to level the island. Golf remained behind to provide security for the Rome Plows. The Plows basically leveled the island. I mean they took the whole island down to include 12 "...." of dirt off the island.

Another day in the life and death of a Marine Grunt.

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