This "empty chair" sits at the table which is the life of Mark Jackson:

JACKSON, Lawrence David
Call sign..."POP-A-TOP"
II Corps, Lane Army Air Field
129th Assault Helicopter Company
1st ship was "The Judge"
2nd ship. The ill-fated "257"
Tour started....Dec.23, 1968
KIA: Sept.12, 1969 - His 21st Birthday

           If anybody has the slightest recollection of Larry or the guys I mention below, or was in the 129th at any time, please contact me at my e-mail address. Plans are being made for a trip back to "THE MOUNTAIN" on the 29th anniversary of the crash, 1998.

           I know you already know what is in my mind. But here is a big Hello from 10 of your buddies from the 129th that I have found and have spoken to, Billy Perri, Elmer Holthouse, Roger Austin, John Ushrey, Larry Terry, Willy Martin, Paul Henry, Jim Graham, Atilla Noble, Bill Wolf. These guys saw you only an hour before you died and miss you terribly.

"Flyin' Car"

If I had it my way,
I'd build me a flyin' car,
head out on the skyway,
in search of my own star,
as I was on my way,
I knew I could'nt be far,
from passin' on by your way,
and seein' how you are.

I got a letter, that's got your name,
a treasure from the past,
and in the ink I can see the pain,
of a life that would'nt last,
now I know some ole' friends of yours,
who were with you through the strife,
now they say they'll be my friends,
til the end of life.

I got a picture of your face,
in a different time and place,
every time I stare at it,
your expression seems to change,
one time happy,
one time cryin',
one time you look real scared,
one time you look real sad,
and then there's the 1,000 mile stare.

We love you man.

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