The following Empty Chair sits at the table which is the life of  Kenneth "Lambchop" Lambo:

Steve Blann, Marine, best friend.

I grew up with Steve, went to Nam before he did.  I was army, he was always tuffer, went into the Marines.  I came home.  Steve, told mom he was a cook, didn't.  I remember the day driving past his moms and seeing the Marine corp car parked out front.

I remember the service at the church they had when he came home, the empty feeling it left, anger, hurt and a deep lost.  I look in the yearbook and see a kid, high school, smiling back at me, an old man now.

Some forgive and some forget, but nothing dies that is remembered, read that once.  Even heard something like it from an american indian tribe.  But, all I know is that there is still that empty space within my soul for my best friend.

Kenn " Lambchops" Lambo

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