These "empty chairs" sit at the table which is the life of Joe "Doc" Kralich:

           My fellow medics of the 4/31, 196th Light Infantry Brigade 1969-1970 Que Son Valley "Death Valley", I Corps, South Vietnam.

Michael Klotz - Hudson, NY, "a youth with so much potential"
Kim Michael Diliberto - Massapequa, NY "a leader and the rock that held us as one"
Clarke Vickery - Conroe, Texas "should have become a physician"
Arthur Lewis - Richmond, Virginia "a peaceful giant, full of Love and Faith"
Donald Barrett - Dalton, Georgia "always willing and faithful to his men"
Frank Valentine - Litchfield, Ohio "died with Don; two Brothers"
Roderick Tolbert - Fairfield, Alabama "courage and compassion"

           Six of these men I trained and mentored; one, Kim trained me. Together we saved hundreds and the legacy lives on in the children; now grandchildren who are here because these men gave all.

Vaya Con Dios, Amigos

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