This "empty chair" sits at the table which is the life of John Clark: who would like to hear from anyone who knew Mike or his family.

A Tribute to Michael Dadisman
serving with B. Co. 1-11 A.C.R.

I'm not much of a Poet
I don't know much about rhyme
I just wrote these things
To help heal with the times
This is a story about a Friend
Whose name was Mike
Who was killed the the Viet Nam war
Which was stated by Ike
He was my best friend
I want you to know
And for me the loss of his life
Has taken its toll
We grew together like brothers
His time went to fast
Even after his death
My feelings for him
and the friendship still last
We went to Nam together
Ended up in Co. B
First of the 11th armored Calvery
He went to Headquarters Plt.
I went to first
We still hung together
Through bad and worst
Sometimes we could get together
at the end of a fire fight
and shared with each other
How we longed to be with our families
So we could kiss them goodnight
We watched over each other
Like brothers would brothers
We talked about our wives and kids
and even our Mothers
I try to remember the good times we had
Because if I don't,I can really get sad
We went to Cambodia
And was hit every day
Even at night the enemy
would not stay away
We made it through Cambodia
And was on our way out
The enemy gave us
a Surprise Party
So we had to
fight one more bout
It was on that day
The Grim Reaper came calling
He took Mike away
And sent me off bawling
It's a Hell of a thing
To lose a friend in a war
And for me his Eagle
will never again soar
After 27 years of missing his life
I often wonder about His Kid and his Wife
I pray for a chance to meet them someday
Maybe together we can heal from the sorrow
and help keep the demons away

In closing Mike I just want to say
I still Love you my Brother
They could never take that away
I long for the day
When we meet in Heaven above
So we can talk again
and rekindle our Brotherly Love
I pray you are at Peace
And that I find mine
I know that I will
It will just take a lot of pain and time

Love you my Brother,

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