This is in Memory of..
Clyde W. Ganzy, LCpl
Jacksonville, Florida
United States Marine Corps
Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment
1st Marine Division
KIA 2 Mar. 1969
30W 12

*          *          *          *          *

Golf Company was still working in Cam Sa I and Cam Sa II area running patrols and setting ambushes around the villages and the river trying to catch the two snipers that had got Danny Coleman. Since Danny had gotten killed the Company had moved around the desert checking Villages and Id Cards. We had picked up some outsiders and were generally made it hard for unauthorized movement. Before setting in for the night we dropped off three squad ambushes both sides of the river. On two different nights the ambushes had been *very successful* and grunt revenge had been accomplished. I think that the NVA were trying to move the snipers out of the area as we were getting closer and closer between the ambushes and the daytime patrols.

Now as anybody who has ever done bush time and set a ambush will tell you, the law of averages say, at some point in time your luck runs out and you become the ambushee.

Now Clyde Ganzy was a quiet black guy, he was a squad leader in the third platoon and the night of March 2nd Clyde and his squad pulled one of the ambushes. Clyde's squad was the last we dropped off that night they were dropped off at the edge of Cam Sa II as the Company moved through the ville. Clyde's squad was to wait until 2200 hrs then move to the trail leading out of the village to set their ambush. Around 2230 the ambusher became the ambushee as Pfc. Paul Brown, the point man, realizing he had walked through the ambush yelled. The NVA sprang the ambush, Clyde got hit in the forehead and was killed instantly. Paul got hit with shrapnel and suffered a gunshot wound. Three others were wounded. I began calling in the medevac and moved out with 3rd platoon to make our way to the ambush squad, we never ran into the NVA but they did run into one of the remaining ambushes 10 minutes later, the ambush sprang and killed them all.

I medevaced five that night, one guy from the second ambush, the four from Clyde's ambush and Clyde.

The Rivera, true to its reputation, claimed another United States Marine.


Another day in the life and death of a Marine Grunt.

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