These "empty chairs" sit at the table which is the life of  Eugene Csuti:

           I was the lead company radioman for Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment. I carried a PRC-25 radio. Radiomen used that radio to communicate to someone we did not know, sometimes for reasons we did not understand. Ah, yes; 'communicate' maybe is the wrong word... Communication meant calling in air strikes, arty missions, sit reps, and resupply (if the weather permitted). Resupply meant two things: it meant food, water, and mail; or it meant ammo.
           Ammo was good and bad; the good was we needed it to keep alive. The bad meant we had to use it and someone usually got hurt when we did use it.
           I had one other duty. As company radioman, I kept a small notebook with me at all times. This book had the entire Company's medevac listing: This was your medevac number... .
           See after you got hit, you were just a number. Your three initials, your last four service numbers and home town. To get this medevac number, I usually spoke to everyone briefly so that, in effect I knew the entire company -- and they knew me. Between the Doc (the Corpsman, God bless all of them) who patched you up and the RTO, who called for the medevac chopper, we were the most important friends a Grunt had when they were hit and laying on the ground. Afterwards I had to call Company HQ, a call I never liked....   God I hated that call...   It meant that letters sometimes had to be written for the WIA's and KIA's.

The names below represent my memories of the 26 of my Friends that I Medevaced KIA.  When I returned to the states I intended to contact my friends' families and visit with each family, but I have only visited two families. I found it very hard emotionally.   Those two families and I have became very close, it is my prayer that just ONE MORE family will read my medevac book and contact me.

           Click on their names to read what my Medevac book says about My Friends.
           Note: These stories are my memories and writings from my medevac book and not actual United States Marine Corps Archive records.

           Before proceeding any further, please take a moment, to reflect on the memories of all those who were casualties of the Vietnam War, and indeed, all wars. These were My friends, Your Friends, Your Relatives, Your Comrades, and Your Buddies........ Remember Them ..!!!!!

Dunkle, Michael R., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: DMR 0375. Hometown: St. Paul, MN., KIA: 7 Oct 68. The Wall: 41W 23.
Fisher, Roy S., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: FRS 8753. Hometown: Lakeland, FL. KIA: 9 Oct. 68. The Wall: 41W 34.
Colman, Daniel P., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: CDP 1918. Hometown: Rockford, IL. KIA: 24 Feb 69. The Wall: 31W 3.
Ganzy, Clyde W., Pfc.
   Medevac No.:GCW 9288. Hometown: Jacksonville, FL. KIA: 2 Mar 69. The Wall: 30W 12.
Ezell, William B., LCpl.
   Medevac No.: EWB 2714. Hometown: West Monroe, LA. KIA: 18 Nov 68. The Wall: 38W 07. Pugh, David J., LCpl.
   Medevac No.: PDJ 9069. Hometown: Charleston, MA. KIA: 15 Mar 69. The Wall: 29W 48.
Mornia, Anthony J.,Pfc.
   Medevac No.: MAJ 2170. Hometown: Havenstraw, NY. KIA: 15 Mar 69.The Wall: 29W 46.
Ingram, Lafe E., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: ILE 1391. Hometown: Crum, WV. KIA: 5 May 69. The Wall: 25W 5.
Jones, Anthony B., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: JAB 8512. Hometown: Miami, FL. KIA: 5 May 69. The Wall: 25W 6.
Ramsey, Henry C., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: RHC 9971. Hometown: Waco, TX. KIA: 5 May 69. The Wall: 25W 7.
Houch, Larry D., LCpl.
   Medevac No.: HLD 8147. Hometown: Topton, PA. KIA: 6 May 69. The Wall: 25W 12.
Dycus, Rickey D., Cpl.
   Medevac No.: DRD 3367. Hometown: Long Beach, CA.KIA: 2 Jun 69. The Wall: 23W 43.
Bloomfield, William D., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: BWB 6854. Hometown: Springfield, OH. KIA: 2 Jun 69. The Wall: 26W 79.
Mennone, Michael G., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: MMG 7112. Hometown: New Haven, CT. KIA: 27 Jun 69. The Wall: 21W 24.
Rogers, Willis D., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: RWD 5423. Hometown: Chicago, IL. KIA: 3 Jul 69. The Wall: 21W 56.
Nuņez, Santos S., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: NSS 1301. Hometown: Ft.Sam Houston, TX. KIA: 3 Jul 69. The Wall: 21W 55.
Griffin, Robert A., Pfc.
   Medevac No: GRA 0376. Hometown: San Antonio, TX. KIA: 4 Jul 69. The Wall: 21W 60.
Crutcher, Terry L., HN.
   Medevac No.: CT 12166. Hometown: Bloomington, IL. KIA: 24 July 69. The Wall: 21W 06.

           This group of my friends were from Hotel Company; almost all of the Company was hit -- radios down -- Golf went to help -- They got added to my book:

Belden, Larry E., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: BLE 6415. Hometown: Ebson, KS. KIA: 26 July 69. The Wall:20W 46.
Clifford, George H., Cpl.
   Medevac No.: CGH 8239 Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI. KIA: 26 July 69. The Wall:  20W 46.
Fletcher, Donald E., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: FDE 4003. Hometown: Mount Airy, NC. KIA: 26 July 69. The Wall: 20W 52.
Glasser, James E., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: GJE 0354. Hometown: Detroit, MI. KIA: 26 July 69. The Wall: 20W 46.
McClain, Fred J., Cpl.
   Medevac No.: MFJ 1076. Hometown: Jacksonville, FL. KIA: 26 July 69. The Wall: 20W 46.
Nielson, Michael C., LCpl.
   Medevac No.: NMC 0085. Hometown: Beloit, WI. KIA: 26 July 69. The Wall: 20W 46.
Rodriquez, Reynaldo S., Pfc.
   Medevac No.: RRS 6610. Hometown: Snyder, TX. KIA: 26 July 69. The Wall: 20W 46.

           I did not medevac this friend but he was one the best. He was KIA after I left.
           I am proud to say I served with Capt. Frank Adams.

Adams, Frank H., Capt.
   Hometown: Nashville, TN. KIA: 22 March 1970. The Wall: 12W 27.

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