This is in Memory of..
William B. Ezell, LCpl
United States Marine Corps
Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment,
1st Marine Division
KIA Nov. 18, 1968
38W 07
*          *          *          *          *

William was to become another booby trap KIA. Golf was at the Tu Cau bridge doing bridge security and running patrols. We had not gained control of our AO and booby traps were still the number one problem. What small ambushes we sprang and firefights were too few, our main enemy was the booby trap. The booby trap, a frightening device, the first ones we encountered were small and mainly used to maim. Trip one and get your leg blown off, or the Grunts worse nightmare take it in the shorts. The NVA were stepping up their booby trap onslaught, they were to graduate from using grenades to artillery rounds. They were booby trapping everywhere, our two main supply roads became as dangerous as the bush and they had to be swept by the engineers each morning.

On Nov. 18th, William was to trip a 105 artillery round set as a booby trap. He lost both his legs, he went into shock and died on the chopper being flown to NAS.

Another day in the life and death of a Marine Grunt.

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