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who served in
The Forgotten Armies
Burma-China-India Theatre
World War II
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Report on Operations
77th Indian Infantry Brigade
Burma, Feb-June, 1943
"Jungle Warfare"
Brig. Calvert Speech
St. Mary's Hospital, London, 1969
Personal Correspondence
G. V. Faulkner
Phillips-Burrows-Faulkner House
National Historic Site
Wingate plane crash
Memorial Plaque, Burma
Photo: British & US Chindits
Merrill's Marauders Assoc

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Air Commando Association Museum
Split bamboo Japanese sword from George Faulkner Estate
donated by A. Faulkner, AM-ACA#0155
to the Air Commando Association, Fort Walton Beach, FL
in honor and memory of Carlous Christian
and Combined Operations, 1st Air Commando Group and
British Chindits in Burma during WW2

About Carlous Christian, Air Commando.


Canada - Joint Task Force 2

United Kingdom -Special Air Service Regiment

United States - Way of the Warrior
Air Commandos embody a living combat heritage
USAF - Airman Quarterly

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