Glanmore Colorized c1885.jpg
Painted photograh of Glanmore as it would
have looked when first built [ A Faulkner]. The original photograph can be seen by
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1883 - 1971: Home of the Phillips-Burrows-Faulkner family
1971 - to date - Canadian National Historic Site - The Hastings County Museum, Belleville, Ontario

Life at Glanmore, © Sheila Burrows Chapline
A family history of Glanmore, from 1883-1971.

For the Canadian Conservancy Institute,
conemporary documents with respect to Glanmore and restoration
This is a personal family website primiarily for educators, researchers and historians that reflects an accurate presentation of Glanmore and its history from the time of its construction in 1883 until its sale in 1971 during which it was owned by one family over three generations during which it remained uniquely unaltered.
This site bears no association or affiliation with federal, provincial or municipal government including The Ministry of Heritage and Parks Canada for The Government of Canada, The Ministry of Culture & Tourism for the Province of Ontario, and the Museum Management Board of Glanmore, The Hastings County Museum for the City of Belleville, Ontario

Acknowledgements: Original Interior photographs, c1883. Photographer: R. McCormick. Original Interior photographs, c1968 taken for purposes of designation as a Canadian National Historic Site by the Historic Sites & Monuments Board of Canada, Photographer: J. Lewis. Owner: Philippa Faulkner Estate


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