Charlie Andrews, In loving memory





Name:     Carl Murray
Date:      Sun, Sept 2, 2001
Country:      England

I was glad to have met Charlie. As a newbie on the internet who stumbled into #friendly conversation#, he was my guiding hand. Any computer related problems I had, he was always happy to help, plus advice on other matters :)   He also made it possible, through the Commobunker, to meet a group of friends in Warrenton, North Carolina, who I came over to meet, thanks to his hospitality. He was also a fan of the tv comedy Red Dwarf of which I was an avid fan.

He was a good friend and very sadly missed.

cya smeggie :)


Name:     Anne Faulkner
Date:      Sun, Sept 2, 2001
Country:      Canada
Comments:     Although I always wanted to, I never signed this.. because I didn't know what to say.  I still don't have any words for Charlie and what he meant to me but I have started doing my music again.. making midis out of my piano music.. and there is one piece that is closer to me than many.... that touches this..  I may not be able to "say" what Charlie meant to me ..but maybe I can "play" it for you.

Elegie Op 3. No.1, Rachmaninoff.

Charlie is an "Empty Chair".


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